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Priceless find in Egyptian temple

Priceless find in Egyptian temple

Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered a historical set of artifacts at the Temple of Pharaohs of great cultural significance. 

The temple, an ancient structure about 95 kilometres east of Alexandria, was used to perform religious ceremonies approximately 2,700 years ago. 

The artifacts found were reportedly used in such ceremonies, and will help give researchers more insight into the complicated history of the temple. 

The find was announced by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and was hailed as an “important discovery”.

Mustafa Waziri, secretary-general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, shared a statement about the discovery and how it will be important for the whole country. 

Among the objects found were pieces of ivory carved to resemble women carrying objects; statues of Taweret, the goddess of motherhood known as the “Great One”; incense burners crafted from faience, a kind of glazed ceramic; a piece of gold sculpted to resemble the eye of Wadjet, the goddess of Lower Egypt; and a maternity chair. 

Researchers believe the artifacts were involved in ceremonies honouring Hathor, the goddess of fertility. 

Experts have been led to believe that the objects may have been stashed away beneath a stack of heavy stone blocks as the Persian Empire began its conquest of Egypt. 

This conquest ultimately led to the collapse of the 26th Dynasty, the last native Egyptian dynasty to rule.

Some objects are inscribed with the name of Psamtik I, who ruled as king of Egypt from 664 B.C.E. to 610 B.C.E, during the 26th Dynasty, as well as those of the kings Wahibre Ibiau, who ruled ca. 1670 B.C.E., during the 13th Dynasty, and Ahmose II, who died in 526 B.C.E. and is considered the last great king of the 26th Dynasty.

As well as the fertility artifacts, archeologists found a well that once contained holy water and was considered a sacred site. 

Image credit: Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities 

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