Mon, 15 Oct, 2018Danielle McCarthy

All the details you missed in Princess Eugenie’s official wedding photos

All the details you missed in Princess Eugenie’s official wedding photos

The official wedding photos from Princess Eugenie’s wedding day have been released, showing the loved-up couple looking as happy ever.

However, the photos, which were taken by British fashion photographer Alex Bramall, also contain a few details that observant fans have noticed.

Two of the four official portraits were taken inside Windsor Castle and show the newlyweds smiling with the bridesmaids, page boys and extended royal family.

From the significant positioning of Sarah Ferguson to a small unidentified white object, here are the details you may have missed.

In one of the photos, 6-year-old page boy Louis de Givenchy wasn’t looking at the photographer.

Louis is the son of JP Morgan executive Olivier de Givenchy and wife Zoe.

In the photo of just the bridesmaids and page boys, he is also looking away from the camera while reclining back on his chair and not smiling.

Observant royal fans also noticed that the grand doors of the White Drawing Room at Windsor Castle were left open for the photos.

One person commented on the Kensington Palace’s Instagram photo: “Maybe the photographer is trying to even the width of the whole picture given the number of people but the open door is an eyesore for sure.”

Another added: “They could’ve at least shut the door behind them.”

In the family shot, the Queen is positioned front and centre while sitting on a chair.

Her Majesty sat in between her glowing granddaughter and Prince Philip, with an object hiding behind one of her legs.

It appears that she attempted to conceal her handbag for the photo, with it being left behind her left foot, out of sight under her chair.

The official wedding photos are also believed to be the first time Prince Philip and Sarah Ferguson have been photographed together in 26 years, following her divorce from Prince Andrew in the 1990s.

For the photo, the Duchess of York was positioned next to Prince Philip, a decision that signifies the end of their rumoured feud.

Reportedly, Prince Philip found it difficult to forgive his former daughter-in-law after she was photographed getting her toes sucked by Texan financial adviser John Bryan in 1992.

In the official photos, one of the bridesmaids was also captured standing on the bride’s train.

Daughter of Peter and Autumn Phillips, 7-year-old Savannah Phillips, seem unconcerned that her foot was firmly planted on the expensive gown designed by Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos.

Mia Tindall, 4, is seen holding a white toy or object in her left hand during the royal photoshoot.

Mia looks unimpressed in the group shot and also doesn’t crack a smile for the photo without the extended family.

However, Princess Charlotte melted hearts after she was spotted sitting with her legs crossed at the ankle in the photo.

The pose closely mirrors the body language of her mum Duchess Kate, with the move previously being dubbed the “Duchess Slant”.

Prince George also looks adorable in the photo as he flashes his pearly whites for the snap.