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Artist uses everyday objects to create food art

Artist uses everyday objects to create food art

British artist Vanessa McKeown has a knack for making you look twice. The photographer is obsessed with the simplicity of food and household objects, and combines them to make brilliant yet unsettling artworks.

“I love creating all things colourful, usually from everyday objects being used in unusual ways,” McKeown says on her website. The results are beautiful.

McKeown’s fruit and vegetable series includes an eggplant stalk with a big purple balloon replacing the bulb and a half slice of avocado with the pip hole filled with sprinkles. They’re oddly intriguing.

While the artist doesn’t comment about any theories behind the artworks on her website, the fruit and vegetable series draws comparisons between the natural and artificial, perhaps questioning the line between man-made and naturally grown.

The party series of photographs uses similar pop-bright colours and blends real with fake. A hamburger is covered with sprinkles and filled with party confetti in one snap while mini milk bottle lollies pour out of a real milk bottle in another.

Whatever the thought behind these pieces of art one thing’s for sure: they’re beautiful.

Take a look at some of McKeown’s bright creations in the gallery above. 

Source: Vanessa McKeown

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