The No-Regrets Guide to Retirement Giveaway

The No-Regrets Guide to Retirement Giveaway

Learn to take control of your finances and your retirement with this one-stop Australian financial planning bible.

Have you ever wondered if you have enough money to make it through retirement? The No-Regrets Guide to Retirement: How to live well, invest wisely and make your money last provides readers with a definitive answer to that question, as well as many others you may have always wanted to ask.

Qualified financial planner and author Patricia Howard offers no-nonsense guidance on what it takes to get you to, and through, retirement. You’ll learn how to:

  • Develop a positive and productive mindset as you enter retirement
  • Take control of your finances, regardless of how much money you make or have
  • Learn how to live on invested income rather than earned income
  • Understand and learn to avoid the biggest pitfalls people commonly encounter as they approach retirement
  • Perfect for people entering or already in retirement, The No-Regrets Guide to Retirement also belongs on the bookshelves of anyone interested in ensuring they are in a financial position to enjoy their golden years.


For more information, visit Patricia's website here.

Simply answer the competition question below for your chance to win one of 10 copies!

Competition closes August 31, 2022.
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