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For those who love travelling by cruise ship, there are many various ways you can compromise on the luxury of your accommodation to save money.

But, if it is your first time on a cruise, choosing the wrong cabin may leave a sour taste in your mouth and may turn you off this form of travel forever.

Here are the cruise cabins first-time cruisers need to be wary of:

1. The teeny-tiny cabin

When you are on a cruise you are hardly spending any time in your cabin but you still need it to be big enough to function. When booking your cabin, don’t get so distracted by the price that you ignore the room dimensions. Also, check if a balcony is included in the total square footage of the room because while the view is nice, it needs to be considered in the tiny space.

2. View expectations

If you are going into your cruise with the expectation that you will be getting a picturesque balcony view, then you need to know exactly what you’re getting before you book. A cabin might have a view, but it could be obstructed leaving you with the unpleasant sight of lifeboats rather than a romantic sunrise. To avoid this problem, read the reviews of others who have stayed in the same cabin.

3. Unfortunate location

An irritating mistake that many first-time cruisers make is not looking at the deck plans before booking a cabin. If your cabin is near a dance club, sports venue, lido deck or all-night eatery, you can expect to have your sleep disturbed. Also, if the ship offers family suites, keep in mind that your neighbours might be loud, young children.

4. Lack of privacy

Beware of cabins that open onto a promenade deck, park or boardwalk as you might have to keep your curtains close for the entire cruise if you don’t won’t those strolling past to have a look inside.

5. Cabin motion

For those who have a history of motion sickness, book a cabin that will most likely be more stable. Cabins that are midship, closer to the interior and on a lower deck, are said to have less of a rocking motion. However, if you want a balcony room, many believe that contact with the horizon line is said to reduce nausea.

What are your tips for booking a cruise cabin? Let us know in the comments below.