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Don’t ruin your holiday with petty arguments.

1. What time should we get to the airport?

Some people like to arrive four hours before a flight. Others love that last minute dash through security as the plane’s doors are closing. If these two people happen to be travelling together, there are going to be fireworks. Discuss your travel style before you leave and agree on an appropriate window of time.

2. How much money should we spend on a hotel/dinner/entertainment?

Money is the root of so many problems (not just in travel) so you need to be very clear about your budget before you hit the road. In fact, this discussion should be one of the first you have when you start planning your trip. Decide how much you are both happy to spend on the essentials and then make choices that are within your budget. If you want to splash a bit more of your own cash, you’re free to go shopping or indulge in a few spa treatments.

3.  Should we do things separately?

Travelling with a friend or partner can be a fantastic experience. It can also bring about the end of your relationship. It is very intense to spend 24 hours a day with someone over an extended period, so it’s often a good idea to have some time on your own. However, nervous travellers might not want to venture out alone or your travel buddy might get offended that you don’t want to be joined at the hip. Talk about your expectations before tensions reach breaking point and one of you storms off.

4. Why is the hotel room so messy?

The reason The Odd Couple was so entertaining is because everyone can relate to the constant struggle between the slob and the neat freak. Now shrink that down to the size of a hotel room or cruise ship cabin and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. Be respectful of your partner and try to keep at least a reasonable level of neatness. You’ll also find it makes everything smoother when you aren’t frantically searching for your socks/camera/passport every morning.

5. Do we need to take two suitcases?

The short answer to this is yes. Definitely yes. It might seem smart to save on checked baggage fees or to be able to share the time spent carrying a bag by pooling all your things into one, but it rarely works out well. Someone will take up too much space, someone won’t be a neat enough packer and someone’s shampoo will leak all over the underwear. Trust us – two bags is the way to go.

What’s the worst argument you’ve ever had while travelling?

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