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Wed, 14 Mar, 2018Ben Squires

10 destinations that are too dangerous to visit right now

10 destinations that are too dangerous to visit right now

You might want to take these destinations off your bucket list.

1. Syria

In the past four and a half years of brutal conflict, more than 250,000 Syrians have lost their lives. Open gunfire, car bombs, assassinations and attacks on Western institutions make this country strictly no go.

2. The Philippines

Despite being a hugely popular tourist destination, the Philippines can be extremely dangerous. Religious extremists have been known to target foreigners and a Manila casino was the recent site of a mass shooting. Stick to the major resorts and exercise a high degree of caution.

3. Venezuela

This once-rich country has gone into a terrible tailspin. Food, water, medications and many basic provisions are all but unavailable, violent protest and rioting is common, and the crime rate has skyrocketed. It seems that Venezuela will take a long time to recover.

4. Bangladesh

This South Asian nation can be dangerous on multiple fronts. Terrorist attacks are not uncommon and a major incident in the capital, Dhaka, last year killed 22. It is also at the mercy of extreme weather and flooding, landslides and collapses frequently occur during the wet season.

5. North Korea

The funny thing about North Korea is that it’s hard to say how dangerous it actually is – because almost no one is allowed in. But as Kim Jong-Un steps up his program of nuclear testing and general war-like ranting, we suggest this one is off the list for now.

6. Afghanistan

Almost all of this ancient nation is a war zone. US troops began a ground war in the early 2000s, following the September 11 attacks, and haven’t ever left. Given Afghanistan’s fascinating culture and history, it is a terrible shame to see it in such a state now.

7. Zimbabwe

Once one of the most developed countries in Africa, Zimbabwe has fallen into chaos in the past two decades, largely attributed to the corrupt rule of President Robert Mugabe. While official travel warnings have been lifted, basic infrastructure has collapsed, security is unpredictable and the currency is wildly volatile.

8. Egypt

Terrorist attacks specifically targeting tourists in Egypt date back to the 1980s but have increased in severity since the 2000s. Resorts around the Red Sea have become particular targets in recent years. The Arab Spring uprising in 2010 also increased instability and raised concerns for many.

9. Pakistan

Pakistan is known for harbouring active cells of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. Most embassies around the world advise against all non-essential travel and Americans can be specifically targeted. Many areas of the country are actually closed to non-Pakistanis.

10. United States of America

The USA is a tricky one. On one hand, it’s a modern, welcoming, conflict-free destination. On the other, almost 12,000 people have been killed by gun violence in 2017 alone. And with incidences like the recent Las Vegas massacre becoming more common, it’s certainly food for thought.

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