airline rights

Every day passengers are caught out by the fine detail on their boarding pass. Here are seven things you just have to know about your rights on a flight. Because not being aware of your rights as a passenger can really ground your holiday plans.

1. Regarding delays and cancellations

Bad news – the numbers printed on your boarding pass are not exactly iron clad guarantees. If a delay or cancellation has been caused by a force outside the airline’s control, often you will find yourself fronting the bill for any alternate travel plans.

2. Regarding overbooking

While this is not quite as prevalent in our country, it’s still important to check with your airline to make sure you’re aware of the protocol if this happens to you. Most countries have ‘denied boarding compensation regulations’ that are designed to deal with that dreaded moment when the flight attendant asks for volunteers, and no one fronts up.

3. Regarding lost and damage baggage

Generally if your baggage is lost or damaged on a flight you will be compensated, but it’s important to be aware of the fact that there’s strict time limits to this. Which is exactly why, as we mentioned earlier, you must check your luggage before leaving the airport

4. Regarding damaged clothing in the cabin

Stewardess spill the inflight lasagne on your slacks? Provided you report this to the cabin crew immediately you should at the very least have your laundry/dry cleaning bill paid, and if this isn’t the case it’s worth writing a written complaint to the airline if not.

5. Regarding seating on the plane

Airlines actually reserve the right to change seating (even if this means a downgrade) after you’ve boarded the plane. Again, if this has happened to you and you feel as though the explanation for why is unacceptable, make sure you write a complaint.

6. Regarding your health

An airline may refuse to carry you if they’re not completely satisfied with your health to fly. If you have a pre-existing condition airlines will not accept any responsibility for illness or injury caused as a result, and the onus is on the passenger to disclose it before a flight.

Were you aware of the restrictions regarding passenger rights? Let us know in the comments.

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