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Gone are the days where the only people writing about travel are the ones compiling huge backache-inducing tombs begrudgingly included in people’s packs. An increasing number of people are starting their own blog to record their travels. Here are seven reasons you should join them.

1. Remember your trip – Probably one of the biggest advantages is that a travel blog will provide you with a great way to remember your trip. These lasting memories filled with your photos and words will always be there. People don’t realise while they’re travelling that a lot of the moments are fleeting, so embrace this and capture them so you remember forever.

2. Earn money – If everyone could make money from travel blogging we’d all be doing it, but even though it’s an oversaturated marketplace there are people are earning money from it. Be realistic with your expectations of course, but if you’re willing to invest your time and energy into this experience having a travel blog can turn out to be a nice little money turner.

3. It won’t cost you anything – Depending on how much of a gung-ho approach you are going to take towards your travel blog it may not eventually cost you anything to service. There are a lot of free blog hosting platforms included WordPress and Tumblr that are worth trying and won’t cost you a dollar of your time to set up and get ready to access.

4. Link with other travellers – Like we said there are a lot of people travel blogging at the moment so you should use it as an opportunity to create connections with other travellers through social media. It’s a great way to meet people from all around the world when you’re travelling and might just be a way to make some new friends to stay with.

5. Keep track with friends you’ve met on the road – Sometimes you forge connections with people while you’re on the road that through distance alone are a little hard to maintain. But if you’ve got a regularly updated blog that’s keeping them abreast of the news in your life there’s no reason why they can’t stay up to date with all your adventures online.

6. Inspire more travel – While you’re writing your travel blog you may feel that itch to jump on a plane and after your third post it may suddenly become one that is too difficult to ignore. Writing about travel is probably the best way to get your arse into gear and start making your own plans for a dream getaway, so make sure you start your blog promptly.

7. Puts your trip into perspective – Even when we’re telling our best friends about our adventures it doesn’t always feel right. Completing a blog will help put your trip in perspective and allow you to put a big full stop on the end of it.

Find out how one Over60 community member, Gayle Torrens, started her own travel blog here.

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