Mon, 9 Oct, 2017Danielle McCarthy

9 things you don't know about your cruise ship cabin

9 things you don't know about your cruise ship cabin

Your cabin holds some secrets! Here’s what you need to know.

1. You can change the layout

If you’re not happy with the cabin when you arrive, know that there are things you can do. The bed can be split into two, you can move the bedside tables to different positions and you can even get rid of some of the furniture you don’t need. Just check with your steward first before you start redecorating.

2. There’s lots of hidden space

A good cruise ship cabin is sort of like a jigsaw puzzle – everything fits together perfectly with no wasted space. That means there are lots of gaps that can be used for storage. Use the space under the bed to store your suitcases and look for hidden storage spaces in places like the bed head. Ask your steward; they’ll know all the best hidey holes.

3. You can make it your own

Cruise cabins are all very generic, even between different ships. If you want to give it a little of your own flare, you can bring things like a hanging air freshener, your own throw blanket or pictures to (carefully) blue tac on the wall. Something like an over the door shoe organiser is also great for creating more storage space.

4. The walls are metal!

We always love this one. The walls of your cruise cabin are metal, so you can bring along magnets to hang up notes or magnetic hooks to give you more space for your belongings. Genius.

5. There are secret cabins you can book

These vary between lines, but most ships will have a few secret cabins that have extra features and aren't advertised to the public. They can have things like more space, a larger balcony or better views and generally won’t cost you anything more than other cabins in the same category. Speak with your travel agent or the cruise line call centre to find out.

6. The water is fine to drink

People tend to stick to bottled water on cruise ships, but the water from the tap is absolutely fine. Save yourself the money (and the wasted plastic bottles) and pour yourself a glass.

7. The TV can charge your devices

Power points are at a premium in most cabins and many lines won’t let you bring a powerboard to create more. If you have a smart TV (and most cabins do) you can use it to charge anything with a USB attachment, like your smartphone or tablet. The port will be on the back and will work just by turning the TV on.

8. You can ask for extras

If you don’t like the pillows or toiletries in your room, there are often other options that you can request. These can be different brands or special products for people with allergies that will make your cruise more comfortable. This generally only applies to premium and luxury ships, though it never hurts to ask whoever you are cruising with.

9. You can’t smoke on the balcony

Yes, we know it’s outside, but that doesn’t mean you can smoke there. On almost all ships (including all sailing in our waters) you can only smoke in designated areas up on deck. Don’t risk a warning, fine or even being asked to leave the ship.