When you think of a Spanish getaway, the first thing that comes to mind probably some sort of idyllic villa in the foothills of some gorgeous Iberian mountain. But today’s Airbnb property is so gorgeous it will put that to shame.

Live the dream and enjoy a getaway just south of Mallorca, with this beautiful Spanish hotel boat, which will change the way you think about holiday accommodation.

With a view to recapture some of the romantic charm of yachts of the 20th and 30th century, this hotel boat mixes tradition construction styles with the latest techniques to give a property outfitted with modern equipment but classic style.

Located just south of Mallorca, this is the perfect way to explore the island while enjoying a unique sailing experience you wouldn’t get with other forms of accommodation.

The boat is docked at the Port of Andraxt, an attractive locale that offers plentiful options to explore what Maloca has to offer, or simply just sit back and soak up the sun.

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Image credit: Airbnb