The world has lost a remarkable reporter with the announcement former Daily Telegraph correspondent Clare Hollingworth has passed away at age 105.

The British journalist was a ground-breaking in many respects, but is perhaps best known for nabbing the scoop of the century when she spotted German tanks on the Polish border in August 1939, effectively breaking the news of World War II.

Hollingworth was just 27 when she was dispatched to Poland and after witnessing Nazi tanks gathering at the bolder she ran the front-page report headlined “1,000 tanks massed on Polish border. Ten divisions reported ready for swift strike”.

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Image credit: Twitter / The Telegraph

This was the start of a highly-decorated five-decade career which would see Hollingworth report on many of the biggest stories that shaped the 20th century.

Her passing was confirmed with a short statement on her Facebook page, which read, “We are sad to announce that after an illustrious career spanning a century of news, celebrated war correspondent Clare Hollingworth died this evening in Hong Kong.”

Our thoughts are with her family. 

Hero image credit: Facebook / Celebrate Clare

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