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As we get older our friends become more important than ever. Not only are friends the key to living longer in life, they make the journey of life that much more bearable and certainly much more fun. Here, the Over60 community share the reasons why friends are so important in their lives.

“My friends are my lifeline. They hold many things dear to their hearts and share many moments, happy and sad, with me on the journey of life. God bless them.” – Fay Elizabeth Frawley

“Someone who listens to the good and the bad and never judges you. They laugh with you and cry with you and will always be there for you.” – Michele Bell

“They accept you faults and all; that to me is real friendship.” – Noel Shaw

“Friends are with you wherever you are in the world. They are always there with love and kinds words to make you feel special in their eyes.” – Anne Vincent

“Friendship is having someone you can always trust and rely on no matter what!” – Ramona Lopez

“Friendship means you are there for each other through the good and the bad times. It is a two-way street and if you have such a friend you are as lucky as I am.” – Carolyne Wilson

“It would be a very lonely life without friends. I am blessed.” – Norma Niles

“A friend is someone who knows your faults and good points and accepts you anyway regardless.” – Denise Coles

“With a true friend, if you haven't seen them for a while, you pick up where you left off.” – Chris Perry

“Honesty, loyalty and just being yourself.” – Lynette Gaddes

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