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If you are having trouble falling asleep at night or find yourself waking up in the middle of the night shivering, then it is time to bring out your flannel bedding. From saving money to balancing your body temperature, here are the benefits of investing in flannel bedding this winter.

1. Save money

Replacing your cotton sheets with flannel ones in the winter is a worthwhile investment. Flannel bedding can save you money on your electricity bill as you are kept warm and toasty throughout the night. Cover your quilt with a flannel quilt cover and then pair it with flannel bed sheets for maximum warmth while you sleep. You will start to notice the savings on your electricity bill during those frosty nights when you only need to put the heater on for a short amount of time. 

2. Durable

Flannel originated in the 1600s and was used to protect farmers from harsh weather elements. Flannel bedding is designed to withstand the cold and you’ll soon notice the difference when you begin to use the durable material. Modern flannel bedding provides more warmth than normal sheets but are also lightweight to ensure you can still be comfortable whilst you stay cosy. Although they are lightweight, the extra insulation in the sheets allows them to last longer than the traditional sheets that are commonly used.

3. Balance temperatures

Flannel bedding maintains the right balance between cold and hot temperatures. Cotton flannel bedding is soft and can retains just the right temperature, unlike wool which can trap an uncomfortable amount of heat. Flannel bedding retains the right temperature for you to stay warm without trapping an excessive amount of heat so that you wake up sweaty in the morning.

4. Versatile

As cotton is a versatile fabric so many different patterns and designs can be weaved together. Bedding that is made of cotton flannel come in array of beautiful colours and patterns to choose from. If you want flannel bedding that will blend seamlessly into your bedroom décor then choose solid-colour bedding. If you want a more traditional look then a popular flannel choice is the plaid flannel sheets.

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