why dogs get bored with toys

Bondi Vet’s much loved veterinarian, Dr Chris Brown explains why dogs seem to become so easily bored with their toys, and what you can do to keep them entertained longer.

Ever wondered why dogs get bored with their toys soon after you’ve bought them? Well, here’s why your furry family member can be so fickle. And how you can hold their interest for longer.

Yes, while pats, walks to the park and sniffing the south end of other dogs seemingly never go out of fashion, the same can’t be said for their toys. And while there are some stalwarts, many seem to go missing from their priorities just minutes after they’ve appeared.

And it’s all because, like human children, dogs experience a phenomenon known as ‘neophilia’ – a preference for new things. In fact, a serious study on Fido’s fickle side by the well-respected Waltham Institute found that on average, a dog loses interest in a toy after just 2 ½ minutes of playtime.

But there are ways to ensure dogs are drawn back to toys. Research found there were some key elements to what makes mundane versus magic toys. Those with hard surfaces and those that don’t make a noise were misses. While the hits were definitely those that had food flavours, made a noise and were soft enough to allow dogs to feel like they’re tearing them apart. So ironically, the toy that keeps their interest the longest might not last the longest…

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