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Bondi Vet’s much-loved veterinarian, Dr Chris Brown, has a fascinating explanation as to why our pets are suddenly watching a lot more TV.

There’s a fascinating reason why our pets are suddenly watching much more TV than they did 10 years ago. And it has absolutely nothing to do with laziness…

If you look on social media, you’ll notice that more and more of the furry family are being found watching animal shows and nature documentaries. The reason? Well, it’s all because of what happens when their eyes watch modern TV’s compared to the old analog sets from a few years ago.

You see, old TV’s worked by flashing up a new image around 25-50 times a second. And while our eyes couldn’t pick the images changing, our dog’s sensitive eyes could. So instead of seeing a smooth, moving image, they just saw a frustrating and confusing flickering. Fast forward to the modern day and our new digital TV’s refresh at least 100 times per second. Their eyes now can’t detect the images changing and suddenly, what used to be a mysterious flashing box in the corner of the room makes sense! They see smooth motion...

That TV now delivers leaping lions and leopards into their lounge room. No wonder they’re excited! Do your pets now watch more TV?

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