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Julie G Aka Barbara Bindland (3)Barbara Binland is the pen name of a senior, Julie Grenness, in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. She is a poet, writer, and part-time English and Maths tutor, with over 40 years of experience. Her many books are available on Amazon and Kindle.

Older women, especially the over-60s, should take their time, and nurture themselves. Women deserve some pampering. We have spent years multitasking, and caring for everyone else.

What are some ideas for nurturing ourselves? Primarily, we can have a regular pamper day, either with a girlfriend, or solo.

Here are some suggestions for our unique nurture day

1. Have a lovely hot shower, or soak in a bath full of bubbles, or fragrant body wash.

2. Shampoo our hair, condition if we wish.

3. Colour our hair if we want.

4. We can give ourselves a manicure and pedicure, by soaking our feet for half an hour, in a basin of warm water, scented with an essential oil, such as lavender, then trimming our toenails.

5. Give ourselves a massage, if we are pampering solo. We can apply a beautiful lotion to our hands, wrists, arms, shoulders, feet, calves, and legs.

6. Smooth and rub, really refreshing.

7. Make up our minds to do as little as possible for one day. Buy frozen dinners, don’t wash clothes for one day, don’t do housework. Do no chores!

8. Drink healthy juices, or herbal teas, nibble fruits, plus some treats, maybe even our own box of chocolates. Don’t share!

9. If we wish, we can burn a candle, scented or not, to create a meditative, calm mind, have a peaceful day, a day of good intentions.

10. Have a facial.

11. Relax in a book nook, with some good chick lit., or a pile of magazines.

12. View a chick’s film on DVD or YouTube.

13. Go to bed early, and get a good night’s sleep.

After nurturing ourselves, we shall be refreshed. Women need to pamper themselves when they can. Enjoy a nurturing day!

Image is a stock photo and not of Barbara Binland.