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When it comes to beauty and make-up, there’s no “right” way to do it. We all have different skincare routines, different product preferences and different looks we aspire to. But no matter how varied our methods might be, there are always a few tricks that everyone seems to follow and pass on to the next generation.

Last month, we asked the Over60 community to share the beauty tricks they swear by, and we loved your answers.

1. Never stop at the jawline

“Mum told me, maybe my sisters too, that when I got to the age of wearing make-up, not to leave it at the jawline. Smooth it under the chin so as to look as though you're not wearing any. I still do this when I have to wear makeup.” – Jean Clawson.

2. Don’t frown

“Don't frown. Put a piece of sticky tape vertically on your forehead and you’ll feel the tape wrinkle up every time you frown. Most people don't realise how much they do it.” – Valerie Baxter.

3. Wash your face before bed

“Never, ever go to bed without washing your face and only pat it dry before applying moisturiser – never rub!” – Marilyn Mankin Gallagher.

4. Ditch the cigarettes

“Don't smoke. No amount of moisturiser or drinks of water will take away the wrinkles caused by smoking.” – Mary Hull.

5. Keep it simple and natural

“To wash my face with soap and warm water then rinse with cold water. She always used olive oil as a moisturiser and I use my own natural skin care products to this day. People freak out when I tell them I'm 65 years old! My mother was right, although I do also use an exfoliating brush every day.” – Jannette Naiken.

6. Invest in a silk pillowcase

“Definitely sleep on a pure silk pillowcase. It’s great for the skin and your hair isn't so messed up in morning.” – Rina Bonner.

7. Cut back on the mascara

“As you get older, apply mascara on the top eyelashes only. This works for me!” – Janine O’Callaghan.

8. Three rules

“Keep your face out of the sun, don’t wear too much makeup and always wear the right colour foundation.” – Valerie Keily.

What beauty tips did your mother, grandmothers and aunts pass down to you? Share them with us in the comments below!