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We all go through phases when a certain type of music appeals to us. Perhaps it was rock and roll when we wanted to cut loose as a teenager; or even some whale music when we needed to relax.

But it seems that you can actually affect your mood positively by choosing the right tunes. Turn the stereo on!

1. Pop music to lift your mood

While some pop music is all about love and loss, the feel good stuff is where you want to head if you need a lift. Is it even possible to listen to “Dancing Queen”without smiling?

2. Jazz to reduce stress

You wouldn’t want to come home from a stressful day and listen to some heavy metal to calm your nerves. Sitting in a comfy chair listening to jazz legend Louis Armstrong sing “It’s A Wonderful World”is sure to hit the spot.

3. Punk music to let out aggression

If you’re feeling seriously peeved after some perceived injustice (or just a bad tax return), a little bit of The Clash’s “London Calling” while you stomp around the house is a great way to put a positive spin on things.

4. Disco to get you dancing

Dancing is a great way to exercise at home and put you in a positive frame of mind. Why not get “Stayin’ Alive”on the record player and have a bop around the lounge room?

5. Love songs to deal with sadness

Feeling a bit heart broken, forlorn or just a bit teary? Get yourself a copy of (basically any song by) Adele. “Someone Like You”is thought to be her most emotional song. Sometimes it helps to know that others have been through the same emotions and come out the other side.

6. Classical to help you focus

Listening to some calming classical music is thought to help you focus, meaning it’s ideal for when you are driving, studying or reading and don’t want to be distracted. That’s why a bit of Richard Clayderman playing “How Deep Is Your Love”is always going to be a great track to play while you eat dinner with a loved one.

7. Rap to fight depression

The ‘up yours’ effect of rap can be really empowering for the listener. Get some Snoop and listen to “Who Am I (What’s My Name)”for a boost to your mood.

What’s your favourite style of music? Does it suit how you are feeling at the moment as we suggest here?