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The Duchess of Cambridge has revealed that four-year-old Prince George loves bonding with his father, Prince William, over films.

Kate, who dazzled at the BAFTA award ceremony in a dark green gown, chatted to guests about her son’s love of movies, which was prompted by her husband’s own interests in film.

Speaking to Lee Unkrich, the director of the acclaimed Disney animation Coco, she said: “I'm desperate to see it. Lots of girlfriends have been to see it with their kiddies and been really impressed with it.

“They [Prince George and Princess Charlotte] are just getting into films now, George is four-and-a-half. Paddington is definitely up there, and so is Coco now.”

“It's great obviously because of William's interest in film, it's great to have that father-son thing.”

Prince William, who is president of BAFTA, joked that he was going to take the directors of the latest Star Wars to task for cutting him and his brother, Prince Harry, out of their latest film, The Last Jedi.

The royal brothers filmed cameos as Storm Troopers when they visited the set two years ago.