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Jane Fonda ashamed of the secret she kept about Harvey Weinstein

Jane Fonda ashamed of the secret she kept about Harvey Weinstein

The Harvey Weinstein saga is the scandal that’s engulfed Hollywood, and as more victims emerge you get the feeling it’s not going to disappear anytime soon.

Jane Fonda is the latest personality to come out in criticism of the influential producer, claiming she found out about Weinstein’s history of sexual abuse one year ago, in a stunning interview that’s set to air on US television on Friday.

While the 79-year-old wasn’t harassed by the mogul herself, she was told of the abuse by one of his victims, Rosanna Arquette, and says the fact that she wasn’t willing to speak up at the time has left her “ashamed” of her actions.

“I found out about Harvey a year ago and I'm ashamed I didn't say anything back then,” Fonda told CNN's Christiane Amanpour in the interview.

She added that she was proud of the women who had the courage to speak out.

“This is not unique, this goes on at the most horrendous high levels,” she said.

“I'm glad it's coming out, I'm so proud of those fellow actors that are speaking up. I know that it has taken a long time. It is a very, very, very hard thing to do. You don't get anything out of it as the person who has been victimized but it is important that it come out.

“Let's not think that this is some unique, horrific... this goes on all the time, this male entitlement in Hollywood and everywhere - in offices and businesses all over the world, in bars, in restaurants, in stores women are assaulted, abused, harassed.”

What’s your take on this whole sorry saga?