Fri, 13 Oct, 2017Georgia Dixon

Bored? Wine is the cure according to these vintage ads

Bored? Wine is the cure according to these vintage ads

It’s 1961. You’ve slaved in the kitchen to make breakfast, sent the hubby off to work and finished all the housework like any good wife should. Time for some wine. Well, that’s what these vintage ads for Sanatogen “Tonic Wine” recommend!

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Twitter user Richard Littler recently rediscovered the sexist alcohol-peddling ad and shared it online with the caption, “I’ve always loved this ad. ‘Bored when your husband is out at work? Drink wine! We’ve even added the word ‘tonic’ to make it sound healthy!’”

Another of the company’s ads, headlined “Kids are murder!” claims the wine makes life “much more bearable” for mums with rambunctious little ones.

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But what if you’re unmarried and childless with a sprinkling of depression? Don’t you deserve some wine too? Don’t fret – there’s something just for you. Phosferine Tonic Wine has ditched the housewife angle to tout its booze as a cure for depression and anxiety.

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“If you are rundown, anxious or worried, this splendid tonic fortifies you and restores vitality,” the ad reads.

Thankfully, these days you don’t need a reason to pour out a nice glass of vino!