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These exhibitions that are showcasing across Australia will get you excited to plan some trips to art galleries. Remember to make a note of the date so you don’t miss out.

1. Rembrandt and the Dutch golden age

This exhibition is dedicated to the greatest Dutch painters of the 17th century. This is a unique opportunity for Sydney art lovers to go and see masterpieces from Rembrandt, Vermeer, Ruisdael, Hals, Steen, Dou, Lievens and Leyster.

This exhibition will be shown at the Art Gallery of NSW and showcases the culture, wealth and power of Dutch society in the 17th Century. The exhibition will be shown from the 11 November to the 18 February 2018.

2. Da Vinci Machines

This exhibition is not be missed if you are in QLD as it is borrowed from the Museum of Leonardo da Vinci in Florence, Italy. This award-winning interactive exhibition allows you to get a clearer picture of the mind of da Vinci. This exhibition displays 60 of his inventions such as the bicycle, scuba suit, spring powered car and there are also flying machines.

This exhibition will be shown from the 17 March to the 21 May at Rockhampton Art Gallery.

3. One hell of an inferno: the 1967 Tasmanian bushfires

This exhibition at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery combines art and Australian history. The pieces will showcase the Tasmanian bushfires from 1967 where 67 people died. The exhibition challenges the cause and impact of the bushfires on the people, communities and the environment. This exhibition will run from the 16 Dec to the 19 March.

4. Victorian watercolours

The Victorian watercolours exhibition will be displayed at the Art Gallery of NSW from the 2of June to the 3 December. The show will be displayed in the Grand Courts and showcase 80 incredible but seldom-seen watercolours made between the 1830s and 1900. Victorian watercolours were among the first art works acquired by the Art Gallery of NSW.

5. From the darkness…

From the darkness will take seven iconic works from the gallery collection and investigate the shades and spaces in the pieces. This exhibition will see large scale prints, sculptural form and video projection. From the darkness will be displayed at Horsham Regional Art Gallery from the 11 February to the 16 April.

6. Brett Whiteley 

Brett Whiteley was first artist to be awarded the Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prizes in the same year. In the 1970s Brett created works that responded to social changes but also changes that were developing in the arts. His self-portrait Alchemy is an Australian favourite. This exhibition will be shown at Brett Whiteley Studio, Surry Hills. It will run from May – November from Friday to Sunday only.

7. Body and Cloth: Performing Textiles

The Body and Cloth exhibitions sees artists from Australia, Asia and the Pacific understand the relationship between cloth and the body. Cloth records and follows our performance through life and the artists will challenge this relationship. This exhibition will be displayed at the Australian Tapestry Workshop in Victoria from the 17 February to the 13 April.

8. Resonant Objects

The Art Gallery of Western Australia is showcasing the ways that craft and design artists use their materials to create and engage with the world. This exhibition will make space to learn about the handmade and material world. This exhibition is on until the 20 May 2017.

Which exhibitions will you be visiting? Let us know in the comments below.