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Jacqueline Steyn, 72, finds comfort in expressing herself in stories and poetry. It was not until she reached her seniors year, where age and lived experience gave her the confidence and courage, that she began to showcase her writing. 

Housework’s not much fun

I was feeling poorly, resting in my bed when the man of the house said,

Don’t worry Dear I’ll do the chores instead.

I said that’s really nice of you there’s so much to be done,

Are you sure you really want to help, housework’s not much fun

He said, I can push a vacuum and I can wash the dishes

Tell me what it is that you want done,

I’m here to grant your wishes


I gave to him a list of chores I thought that he could do

Like picking up the kiddies toys and scrubbing down the Loo

And if you really want you can scrub the bathtub too

That’s easy Dear he said it’ll only take an hour

And whilst I’m at it shall I scrub the grouting in the shower


I thought I should let my sickness linger longer, this Man is really great

Maybe he’ll clean out the fire place and scrub the sooty grate

We’d had a lot of fires throughout these chilly winter eves

The soot was caked on very thick, I’d let him get down on his knees

Cleaning out the fire place is one chore I do detest

I know, I’ll praise him when he does it and tell him that he does it best


He did all those chores for me and I was feeling happy

My husband is a kind Man, a decent Chappie

So I took pity on him when he insisted on doing more

Just put the washing in the machine I said, make that the last chore

Should I separate the colours from the whites? He asked

I said, Oh course you do

Oh that explains the washing on the line he said, and why the whites are blue

Don’t worry I’ll do it all again and this time I’ll bleach it out

Had an uneasy feeling when he said that but brushed away my doubt

Should I have trusted him? I really did not know

Alright use the bleach my Love and make my whites as white as snow


Then I dozed off in to a state of blissful sleep

Dreamed I was floating on a river blue and deep

I was on a paddle steamer; I could hear the wheel turning

The sun was shining brightly, ever warm but never burning

I woke up when I heard a waterfall and the sound of water running quickly

Looked up and saw my husband, he was looking sickly

I can’t turn off the taps he cried, the plumbing’s broken at the wall

Water’s gushing everywhere and it’s coming up the hall

I tried to stuff a sock in to it but it shot out like a gun

You were right my Dear, housework’s not much fun. 

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